Natalie Gaidry's Disorderly Studio
Natalie Gaidry began her career as an artist when she was two, by painting her younger sister's hair a bright purple color. Since then, her creative talent has continued to develop, taking her through numerous stages to her current vibrant and markedly personal style. Objects are distorted, and colors are intensified. This, Gaidry is telling us, is how reality appears to an artist with a keen sensibility for all that is visually arresting in our world.

Gaidry's work is especially impressing on large frames. For years her boldest oils have been added to
private collections and museums.

Her work is for sale right now through this site!

* Large Works

* Room Sized Works

* Smaller Works

* Charcoal Drawings

* Sumi Ink Brush Paintings

* Classical Paintings

* Giclee prints